Our Approach

Our work is strongly influenced by our values and foundational philosophies articulated below. These grew initially from our relationship with John Scherer - an internationally respected organisational development (OD) consultant, whose pioneering work on ‘Leadership from the Inside Out’ has led to many accolades and awards. You can read more about John and his work here.

Core’s approach to leadership is also influenced by the unique backgrounds and mix of skills that our Directors and Associates bring to the table. These combine experience in: senior leadership roles; corporate, public sector and SME environments; innovation, change and HR management; plus teaching, bodywork, and elite level sport.

Foundational Philosophies

1. Leading Self | Others | Your Organisation

Effective leadership involves having competence in three key areas; leading self, leading others, and leading your organisation. It’s also about having the ‘meta-skill’ of knowing when and where to call on this competence to achieve the outcome you desire.

Leading self is about self awareness, self reflection and self regulation. We believe that leadership development must start with leading self. Not until you’re able to effectively lead yourself can you lead others and lead within your organisation. 

Leading others is about appreciating the complexity of human interactions and the influence your behaviour has on those around you. It’s about understanding how you need to interact with others to get the best from them, how to manage and respond to conflict and difficult circumstances, and how to be your authentic self as a leader in order to fully engage, inspire, and bring others along.

Leading your organisation is about utilising your executive skills to navigate your organisation though a competitive landscape. It’s about being able to recognise the complex interplay of the various dimensions that determine organisational success, seeing the big picture, anticipating the future, and then making decisions and allocating resources that ultimately result in achieving this success.

Successful leaders of the future will have an in-depth understanding of all three of these leadership areas. They’ll have an appreciation of their own and their organisation's strengths and weaknesses and they’ll be able to effectively navigate
through this leadership landscape for themselves and their organisation to achieve personal and professional success.

Above & Below the Waterline

2. Above and Below the Waterline

Working ‘Above and Below the Waterline’ is our overall philosophy for facilitating change or growth. It can be applied in a variety of contexts - to a specific project, a team, a whole organisation - and even to individual leadership development. The model identifies an interplay of two worlds in any change process. The world ‘Above’ consists of the tangible, operational and visible aspects of change – the mission statement, KPIs, project milestones, ‘hard’ skills.

The world ‘Below’ is far more fluid and tends to be hidden from view – the emotions, attitudes, relationships - that will impact on what really gets achieved. Facilitating awareness of how these two worlds interrelate, and the ability and commitment of leaders to focus attention, resources and effort in both areas, is one of the things Core does best. A skilled leader has the ability to 'porpoise' between these worlds – constantly diving up and down between the two - and to adjusting their approach as needed, in order to maximise the success of any change initiative.

3. Body | Mind | Spirit


Central to the philosophy of how we work is the belief that truly effective and sustainable leadership requires the integration of body, mind and spirit.

The ability to ‘get out of your head’ and into your body, tap into the intuitive knowledge that lies deep within you, and embed learning at a cellular level will transform you from being simply capable, to truly outstanding, in your ability to lead self, others and your organisation.


Centered | Open | Real | Effortless

Our company name is an acronym for our values. Centered, Open, Real and Effortless describe how we aspire to be within ourselves, how we interact in relationship to others, and what we hold as essential in our methodology. We believe that you simply cannot be effective in leading yourself, others, and your organisation unless you actively cultivate these qualities. Core also means ‘the innermost or central part’ – this is where the focus lies for our courses, coaching, and business partnerships – delving into the essence of individuals and organisations, drawing out the richness, and harnessing innate ability.

C Centred Grounded, present, fully engaged
O Open Truthful, willing to challenge and be challenged, give and receive feedback
R Real No bullshit, pragmatic, unpretentious and approachable
E Effortless At ease, intuitive, doing what you love