Leadership Courses

Leadership development that sticks

We believe that leadership is an attitude, not a position. Everyone in your organisation – from the CEO to the cleaner – has the capacity to step into their own innate role as a leader. Essentially, leadership is about taking charge of yourself, and having a positive influence on those around you, or on an outcome.

Our open enrolment public courses cover a wide range of skill areas critical for the development of empowered and authentic leaders. This is not work that simply ‘checks the boxes’ on a list of leadership qualities; rather, it is a courageous journey to the core – allowing your leaders to discover more fully who they are, and express their talents in ways that enhance personal fulfilment and organisational excellence.




“Since attending Core’s leadership development programme I am seriously more comfortable in my own skin. I don’t need a referenced set of tools or a recipe. I now have the confidence to trust my intuition, and to draw innately on what I need in the moment.”

Blair Shortall, FMG

Bespoke Solutions

More than changing the chart – changing the heart

Our customised interventions are designed exclusively with the unique needs of your organisation in mind. Working under a true partnership model with your senior leadership team, we engage with you over a predetermined period of time to develop impactful solutions to your most pressing business needs. This may include: facilitating strategy, culture or vision creation sessions; designing and implementing assessments to determine where your current individual and organisational capability sits, and where you want to get it to; running in-house workshops and programmes for key teams; and providing individual coaching for high impact roles and talented leaders.



“Core Consulting have been working with us for several years … and have unquestionably earned our complete trust and confidence, and in doing so they have become genuine partners in our business. I am excited by the new expectations we have, and at a personal level it is extremely rewarding to observe the changes in the individuals, teams and departments.”

Tim Myers, CEO, CB Norwood Distributors Ltd 

Executive Coaching

Supporting leaders to go to their learning edges

Designed to unblock barriers and unleash the potential of your key leaders, our coaching engagements offer the chance to explore challenges and opportunities in a safe, supportive and confidential context. Extensive research reinforces the value and effectiveness of coaching, particularly post-course, to embed learning and ground behavioural change. We generally recommend an initial series of six sessions with one of our qualified coaches at two to three week intervals. This creates time in between for reflection, homework, and integration of newly acquired skills. Coaching sessions can be customised to meet individual needs, or a coaching package based around the following themes may be undertaken.




 “I have found the individual coaching I received through Core invaluable. We worked through a range of practical tools, which helped me identify my responses to challenging situations. I have utilised these new approaches effectively to work with others through uncomfortable issues. The coaching has also helped me maintain my equilibrium while I balance a stimulating and demanding role at work with study and raising a family.” 

Penny Rounthwaite, Regional Commissioner, Ministry of Social Development

All of our leadership interventions can:

  • Align to your competency framework
  • Incorporate pre- and post-assessment tools
  • Be customised to meet your specific needs and delivered in-house
  • Quality for NZ Trade & Enterprise Capability Development vouchers