Post-LDI Coaching

The LDI is a powerful learning experience in terms of both personal development and leadership development. We know from experience that individual coaching, combined with the post-course programme of support offered to all LDI graduates, creates a powerful and lasting opportunity to implement and solidify the learnings from the LDI. This will ensure that the workplace goals as agreed by the participant and their manager have an opportunity to gain maximum traction. Additional personal development goals can also be tracked during these sessions. We recommend a minimum of four post-LDI coaching sessions commencing once the ‘homework’ phase of the course is complete, ideally spaced two to four weeks apart.

The structure of the coaching sessions will be unique to the individual course participant, and will usually be created in consultation with their manager or sponsor to align with identified developmental needs. An LDI facilitator or a certified Core coach who has completed the LDI will provide the coaching.


  • Minimum 4 x 60-75 minute sessions
  • $1500 per package of 4
  • All fees are exclusive of GST