Leadership for Women

We all know that a gap exists between achieving diversity across leadership roles to a level that accurately reflects the gender balance in New Zealand society, and the actual statistics regarding the number of women in senior leadership positions. Currently 51% of NZ’s population is female, 60% of our graduates are women, yet over the last 10 years the percentage of female CEOs in our top NZX 50 companies has remained at less than 1%. There are numerous theories about why this gap exits – the objective of this course is not to debate the issue – but to provide insights and strategies for overcoming the limiting behaviours and attitudes that may be holding you back as a woman leader, and equip you with a range of practical tools to help you fulfil your leadership potential.

  • Uncover and embrace your unique leadership style to become a more confident and self aware leader
  • Learn to trust your intuition and make decisions from a place that is fully aligned with your values
  • Develop a comprehensive plan of action for increasing both professional and personal fulfilment