Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching is offered at two levels – one for emerging and early stage leaders, the other for senior and ‘C-suite’ level leaders. The focus of the sessions is to enhance both your current capability and future potential as a self-aware and empowered leader. The sessions uncover your innate talents – helping you to draw out capability and wisdom that already lies within you – as well as exploring what might be holding you back from stepping into your full leadership potential. A mix of inner work, creative tools, and practical exercises will take you through a transformative process that will help you integrate new skills into the workplace.

Session Outline

Session 1: Getting clear – uncover what you want to achieve from coaching, and determine the big developmental steps you will need to take to be more effective/fulfilled in your leadership role.

Session 2: Unlock your capability – using a powerful tool, develop your self-awareness regarding your habitual patterns, triggers and unconscious drivers.

Session 3: Unhook from limiting beliefs and assumptions – reveal hidden ‘nuggets’ of untapped potential and gain insights that can dramatically improve your impact with your team and across your organisation.

Session 4: ‘Deep dive’ work on your individual leadership challenges.

Session 5: ‘Deep dive’ work on your individual leadership challenges.

Session 6: Purpose & Legacy – create a clear and concise action plan to ensure you remain ‘on purpose’ with the changes you want to implement and the influence you want to have as a leader in the future.


  • Minimum 6 x 60-75 minute sessions
  • $1800 per package of 6 (Emerging Leaders)
  • $2250 per package of 6 (Senior Leaders)
  • All fees are exclusive of GST