Driving Culture Change

Developing or refining the culture of your organisation, then implementing significant change to enhance your cultural vision, is never easy. Change inevitably involves loss (of the old way of being) and even when change is for the better, loss of any kind often manifests as grief. If you have led a change process of any kind, you will likely recognise this. Yet, in our experience, many organisations become so focussed on what needs to change from a tangible perspective (‘Changing the Chart’) that they lose sight of how people are affected, often with disastrous results (loss of productivity, lower retention, reduced engagement). ‘Changing the Heart’ is the art and science of attracting, retaining and inspiring your most vital resource – your people. This requires more than change management, it requires change leadership.

  • Assess your current culture and create a vision of where you want to take it
  • Design and establish a process to implement your change plan efficiently and effectively, plus learn how to allocate resources appropriately
  • Understand the psychology of change, how to support your people through it, and how to manage resistance compassionately and wisely