Developing High Performing Teams

We believe (and the research supports us) that psychological safety is the key ingredient in building highly successful teams. Unfortunately, creating this safety in a professional context does not come easily – it requires a willingness to be open, honest, take calculated risks, and show vulnerability. For many, the idea of doing so in the workplace can be scary! It requires a special type of leader – one who is willing to demonstrate these qualities themselves, and is committed to their own ongoing learning. It involves creating an environment where people have the space to be open without risk of ridicule, to take ownership, and make mistakes that they can learn from. With these building blocks in place, teams can truly be transformed.

  • Build a level of trust and openness in your team that allows people to be real, and to do their best work
  • Create an environment where communication is honest and feedback is not only welcome, but actively sought
  • Inspire engagement and alignment with organisational goals and reinforce a strong sense of purpose