Career Coaching

Rather than simply asking, “What is my next career step?” our career coaching takes you to the heart of what is really going to engage, excite and unleash you professionally. Exploring the talents, strengths and untapped potential lying within you, we will build a solid foundation from which you will gain clarity about your career options. In addition, a range of practical exercises and tools will help you to showcase your potential to future employers, collaborators, business partners or investors.

Session Outline

Session 1: Getting clear – uncover what you want to achieve from the coaching and what your aspirations are in terms of moving your career forward, or taking a professional leap into the unknown.

Session 2: Unlock your capability – using a powerful tool, develop your self-awareness regarding your habitual patterns, triggers and unconscious drivers, and discover who you want to ‘show up’ as professionally.

Session 3: Unhook from limiting beliefs and assumptions – reveal hidden ‘nuggets’ of untapped potential and gain insights that can dramatically improve your impact, allowing you to move your career forward.

Session 4: Purpose & Passion – discover what calls you and what will ignite a sense of true purpose in you, plus tap into your unique strengths to find truly satisfying work.

Session 5: Create powerful alliances – harness the power of your network by cultivating champions and finding cheerleaders to support your career journey.

Session 6: Turn ideas into action – create a clear and concise action plan with solid accountability to ensure that you don’t just dream it, you actually do it!


  • Minimum 6 x 60-75 minute sessions
  • $1800 per package of 6
  • All fees are exclusive of GST