Veronica Chalmers

I am passionate about the power of behavioural science to help us understand ourselves and be more authentic, courageous communicators.  My mission is to bring rigour and practicality to the “soft stuff”, supporting leaders and their teams to build the psychological literacy and human process skills needed to move their organisations from good to great.  


As a lawyer and consultant with a background in economics, I’ve worked across the private and public sector [, from competition law to the Waitangi Tribunal].  I have particular expertise in water and after graduate study at UC Berkeley worked on projects in New Zealand and around the world.  A conceptual and critical thinker, I’ve built on my natural psychological-mindedness through my study and work as a coach (and being married to a clinical psychologist).   As Manager of Design and Delivery at Core my goal is bring insight and clarity to both thinking and feeling.


Areas of expertise

  • Developmental and Performance coaching
  • Programme design
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Critical and strategic thinking
  • Plain English writing
  • Bespoke leadership support

For further details about my experience, skills and qualifications, please click here to visit my LinkedIn profile.