Robyn Wynne-Lewis


I believe that the challenges that lie at the core of personal effectiveness are also the challenges that lie at the core of
leadership effectiveness. When individuals and teams are willing to face these challenges together, the ripple effects
within an organisation can be game-changing for everybody.

I founded Core Leadership in 2002, with a vision to develop leaders who were integrated in body, mind, emotions and
spirit. I brought to this challenge nearly twenty years of experience in working closely with people on one or more of
these dimensions. My experience as a Physical Education Teacher, Outdoor Educator, Hellerworker, and lifelong
practitioner of yoga taught me that ‘the body never lies’ – a principle that is ‘core’ to my approach to leadership. As a
manager in the Public Health Service, and later through running my own business entities, I learned to recognise and
develop leadership capability in others.

My greatest strength is probably my ability to help people access their own wisdom, intuition, and innate confidence. I
also have a knack for getting to the core of issues within almost any context, and ‘naming the elephant in the room’ in
a constructive way. I thrive on seeing individuals, teams and organisations come alive, get real, and get on with
making their unique contribution to the world.

Areas of expertise:

  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Senior Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Brave Conversations
  • Train the Trainer
  • Public speaking

For further details about my experience, skills and qualifications, please click here to visit my LinkedIn profile.