Malcolm Nicholls

A certified LDI facilitator and long time practitioner of Hellerwork Structural Integration (a form of body work), Malcolm has played an important role in bringing John Scherer’s work into New Zealand through Core Consulting.  Long time associates of Scherer Leadership Centre, Core Consulting has built a successful business in New Zealand offering programs designed to unleash potential by expanding inner qualities such as self-awareness, presence, openness, authenticity, courage and purpose, which in turn build sound business skills.  Malcolm’s particular gift is working with clients on the “story” their body has to tell based on beliefs and experiences, and using that intelligence to shape the way they engage in the world. With over 14 years experience with this work, Malcolm supports people to get into their body to directly feel and experience the nuances of life and, therefore, develop the level of self-awareness required to become more effective, connected, and inspired leaders.  A former NZ football player, Malcolm brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to his craft and as a meditator of 12 years, also has a powerful talent for focus.