Our Story

It’s often the unexpected connections that set up the future. This is a scenario that has played out time and again for us at Core. Our team connected with each other through various serendipitous encounters over the years, but there was a clear common thread – a belief that great lives and great leadership could grow from self-understanding. Leadership from the Inside Out. It turned out to be a foundational theme that has led to a unique and very personal Core approach to growing self, others and organisations.

We’ve always taken a holistic view of leadership, because we know breakthroughs happen when our deeply personal growth is in harmony with the growth and development of the organisations we are a part of. When the inner and outer work connect, it always leads to more fully engaged people, awesome organisations, and positive futures.

This isn’t just a way to work – it’s most definitely a way to live. Organisations need self-aware leaders in order to thrive, and the world needs self-aware people, organisations, and communities in order to survive – at Core, we live our lives giving all we’ve got to help make this happen.


Our People